Our Bartenders


Rebecca is a local girl. She is drawn to outside music and looks for ANY excuse to dress up in costume. She is always on the go!!


Les loves serving drunks! She is a bad ass artist making her living serving bad ass drinks at Traceys!


Keri (da geh) is from New York and has been in New Orleans working for Jeffrey long enough to build up a very fun clientele at Parasol's...and they definitely moved with her to Traceys! Keri's upbeat personality gives her ability to entertain the bar with "dance off pants off" and her ever popular blow up boob trick!


Eric is a Southern boy who loves his cat, heffers, furry sweaters, Levis, Survivor and wet t-shirt contests. Eric's dislikes include anchovy stuffed olives and bottle caps.


Sara, after moving from NY to CA, made her home in New Orleans. She loves long walks with Burger and BB (her 3 lb poodle, who just happens to share a hairdresser with Adele's poodle, JoJo.) Sara gets excited about the beach, Abita Strawberry, Iron Maiden, T-shirt Time, and her Woody.


Atom, his hobbies include gardening, cooking, and dining out with his lovely wife Natalie. He loves Vietnamese food, Jager, and traveling.


Rich is the bartender with the most seniority with the Carreras family. (Well, besides Auggie, if he counts.) Rich loves keeping in touch with his fellow bartenders. He will often call with just a friendly hello, or if you're lucky, he might even dedicate a song to you on Facebook. He loves the Steelers and Rumplemintz is among his favorite drinks.